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In order for your employees to work productively, you need to have a high-performing core network infrastructure. What good are your business systems and applications if your server experiences downtime due to storage issues or your data isn’t safe from outside threats and viruses?

This is where we stand out away from the Major service providers in the Network Infrastructure Development industry.

Subhashree Network  is one of the most prominent & promising organization for its effective and effortless services by offering best Network Infrastructure Development solutions Company prevailing from Biratnagar, Nepal & has been able to render it’s services Nationwide.

We know that you have a choice of computer service and networking solution provider to choose from and we know that you, absolutely right, want to know what it is that makes us different. So why should you choose to partner with us?

How Can  SUBHA SHREE  assist You with your
Existing Network Infrastructure ?

All-encompassing technology plans can be complicated. Leave it to our experts to explore what your business needs. 


As your IT provider, we believe in maintaining thorough network and device documentation for seamless support across our teams as well as maintenance and audit purposes

Service-Level Agreements

We pride ourselves on taking the best care of our customers by showing immedate action when issues arise. Our S,s include guaranteed response and access to specialized departments and engineers to ensure you're being taken care of.

Network Assessments

Proactive network assessments can help you identify problems, find solutions and track performance over time. By conducting regular network assessments, SSN can review and analyze your network.

Managed Network Services

With your network being the single most important compcnent of your organization, downtime and outages are not an option Hand off the responsibility of supporting, monitoring and maintaining your networks to managed service providers like us for peace of mind.

Design & Architecture

Our team starts with understanding how your business operates in order to design an efficient, scalable and secure system that allows your employees and customers to always be connect..

Implementation & Support

From configuring access points to implementing enterprise network solutions, we have a full team of certified network technicians to take care of any projects or issues that may occur.

With SUBHA SHREE  Security Comes First

Data breaches of high-profile financial firms frequently make headlines around the world. These threats go beyond the simple destruction of data. Today’s hackers want to exfiltrate sensitive information for use in identity theft and money laundering scams. As a result, financial networks need to use encrypted traffic for everything from email to print orders – every hardware device on the network is a potential security vulnerability.

Security Means More than Protecting Networks

Cybercriminals are increasingly combining digital attack vectors with social engineering tactics. These tactics can rely on physical access, compromised business email accounts, phishing, and a wide range of other vectors. Because of this, maintaining a comprehensive security solution is key to keeping your customers’ data safe.
In a world where both digital and physical security vulnerabilities can be exposed by a single intruder, the need for an integrated security solution is paramount. DSI combines the following tools into a single comprehensive service designed to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing the sensitive data customers entrust to financial institutions:

  • Access control
  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Active threat management
  • Mobotix intelligent camera systems

Every device on your network is a potential threat vector, and every position in your company is essentially a cybersecurity position. Our tools and training can help you successfully protect your data.

Be Prepared for Data Disasters

Any security solution would be incomplete if it did not provide for the possibility of data loss. Whether due to a natural event or to a successful cybersecurity breach, financial institutions need to have extensive backup systems online at all times.
With the right business continuity plan in place, a compromised financial system can be brought back online almost immediately. With the right network infrastructure supporting the plan, an entire institution can operate off of its backup systems for as long as it takes to get the main system back online.
This unprecedented level of flexibility allows:

  • More complete customer data security.
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Benchmark cybersecurity defenses.
  • Unparalleled scalability allowing for growth.

DSI has dedicated resources for helping financial institutions improve their disaster response capabilities. With solutions that span physical evacuation plans to network hardware deployment, we have answers for any challenge your financial organization may face.

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